The Cold Box

Keep your beer cool without refrigeration!

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Recently, I decided to scale up the storage capacity of my cold box. If you've checked this site before, you'll recognize this box.

Old cold box open Old cold box inside

This box worked well for bottles, but has two distinct disadvantages. It wouldn't hold fermenters and wouldn't hold kegs. So I had to expand. Thanks to Craig B, I was able to get an old deep-freeze unit. The compressor didn't work, but that didn't matter. I was simply looking for an insulated box.

Brazed Tubes tubes with brass fins

Then I made a new set of heat pipe coils. First I brazed up the copper manifold. Then I attached brass heat fins.

I used a few of the old coils, and added a bunch more to fill up the available space.

Once it was done I attached it to the roof-top radiator. Now I have plenty of room for kegs and fermenters as well as bottles.