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This beer won third place in the 1999 LA County Fair in the Bavarian Hefeweizen Category.

Ingredients for 11 Gallons





Mash-in with 22 Qt of water at 132F. Target temp 128F.
Protein rest for 30 minutes.
Decoct out 4 qt and add 5 qt boiling water. Temp 144F.
Decoct out another 4 qt and heat to 198F. Temp now 153F.
Decoct 4 qt after 1 hr. Heat to 200F. Temp back to 152F.
1 3/4 hr total Starch Conversion.
Mash-out by heating run-off to 180F and recycling.
Sparge with about 35 Qt water at 170F.
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition.
Rapid chill with immersion chiller.
Ferment at 66-68F.
Prime with 275 grams priming sugar for 60 12oz. bottles,
130 grams in the 5 gal Keg.

O.G. 1.050

F.G. 1.010

Judges' Comments

Most characteristics of a German wheat are present though restrained in character.

Brewers' Comments

This beer hit the clove tang expected from a hefeweizen, thanks to the Weihenstephan yeast. We bumped up the carbonation, which combined with the wheat malt to form a rich creamy head. We added oat husks to aid sparging. Last time the sparge took forever (3 1/2 hours), due to the gluten content of the wheat malt.