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Second Runner-up Best of Show, 2003 Los Angeles County Fair
First Place, Wheat Beer catagory

Ingredients for 9.3 Gallons






Step Infusion/Double Decoction
Mash in 18 Qt water at 115°F Target 104°F
Step-up 10 Qt water at 164.5°F Target 122°F
Decoct 15 Qt Mash, Boil 15 minutes Target 156°F
Decoct 11 Qt Mash, Boil 15 minutes, Target 170°F
Sparge with about 10 gallons water, pH adjusted with phosphoric acid

Primary Ferment: 70°F 9 days
Secondary Ferment: 70°F 18 days
Priming: 125 Grams priming sugar for 4 1/2 gallons
Cold Condition: Ramp down to 40°F deg F over 7 days
Lager at 40°F for 2 months

O.G. 1.067
F.G. 1.017

Judges' Comments

Fruity-estery dried fruit aromas. Sweet rich bready-malty flavors. More malt may add to fruity aroma. Nice work.

Brewers' Comments

This beer was supposed to be a real eye-opener and pretty much hit the target for the flavor profile. It has a strong bananna ester with hiints of plums and raisins. The body is quite rich. The only slight miss was that the gravity was a bit lower than target, mostly because it was formulated for a 9 gallon volume.