Vlad the Impale Ale VII

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This beer won first place in the 1998 LA County Fair in the American Amber category.

Ingredients for 6 1/2 Gallons





Mash-in with 12 Qt of water at 137°F. Target temp 130°F
22 min protein rest
Add 7 Qt boiling water. Target temp 153°F
1 1/2 hr Starch Conversion. Decoct 2 qt & heat to boiling to keep temp ~150°F
Mash-out to 170oF
Sparge with about 16 Qt water at 170°F
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition
Steep final hops for 5 minutes with heat off before chilling
Ferment at 60-65°F
Dry Hop in secondary, 14 days
Prime with 180 grams priming sugar

O.G. 1.057
F.G. 1.014

Judges' Comments

Brewers' Comments

A complex malt profile and Kent Golding flavor hops are the key to this recipe. We use a bit of Munich and Vienna malt to provide a bit of residual sweetness. Our homegrown Cascade hops haven't been tested for alpha acid which may have given us a bit too much bitterness.