Tustin Monster Brew 2

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On February 21, 2010, Jon Porter invited the members of Pacific Gravity Homebrewing Club to brew a batch of beer at Tustin Brewing Company. Everybody got to take home a bucket of unfermented beer. Then they could add any additional ingredients, pick a yeast of their choice, and then let if terment.

Thanks to Jon Porter for giving us this unique opportunity.

Ingredients for 16 BBL (496 Gallons)





Pre-heat 11 BBL of filtered Tustin Municipal water. Mash-in grains. Target temp 151°F.
Mash for 1/2 hr.
Infuse an additional 1.2 BBL of boiling water. Temperature now 155°F.
Mash for an additional 30 minutes
Sparge into boiling kettle. Continue with sparge water until volume is 15 BBL.
Add first wort hops as wort is heating. About 1 1/2 hrs before wort is boiling.
Boil 1 hour.
Whirpool wort for 35 minutes.
Begin filling buckets one at a time from the outlet of a counterflow chiller. Took nearly 1 1/2 hours to completely fill all the buckts.

O.G. 1.050
F.G. varies depending on the yeast and fermentation used.
29 IBU

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