Christmas Spice Ale

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This beer won First Place in the 2001 Pacific Brewer's Cup.

Ingredients for 10 Gallons




All spices freshly ground



Mash-in with 4 1/2 gallons of water at 140°F. Target temp 127°F
35 min protein rest
Add 9 Qt boiling water. Target temp 154°F
1 1/3 hr Starch Conversion.
Mash-out to 170°F
Sparge with about 10 gallons water at 170°F
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition
Steep spices for 5 minutes with heat off before chilling
Rapid chill.
Pitch 5 gal with American Ale yeast.
Ferment at 64-68°F
Prime with 195 grams priming sugar

O.G. 1.056
F.G. 1.013

Judge's Comments

Definitely spiced to the point of takeover. Good malt support providing a sweet finish to balance the spices.

Brewers' Comments

Think pumpkin pie when you take a sip of this one. Earlier versions (this is the seventh) had various final gravities and almost as much body as pumpkin pie. Other used either cloves,or relied on the Weihenstephan yeast to create the clove character. In addition to the above spices, we've used ginger and orange peel in various proportions. I'm partial to the cinammon and tend to add a bit more each year.