Scottish Light 60/-

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Ingredients for 7 1/2 Gallons






Steep grains at 155°F in 3 gallons water for 30 minutes.
Strain into boiling pot.
Add malt extract to boiling wortiling water. Target temp 155°F.
Add Irish Moss with 20 minute hop addition
Ferment at 65°F
Keg 5 gallons, force carbonate.
Prime 1 1/2 gallons with 38 grams priming sugar for bottling. Keg the remainder

O.G. 1.032
F.G. 1.009

Brewers' Comments

This beer was brewed in a short time to serve as a session beer at the 2004 American Homebrewer's Conference in Las Vegas. The overall body was thin, as a 60 shilling beer ought to be, but the peat-smoked malt gave it judt the right touch on flavor.