Scottish Export

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This beer won Second Place in the 2001 Pacific Brewer's Cup.

Ingredients for 10 Gallons






Mash-in with 4 gallons of water at 144°F. Target temp 128°F
25 minute protein rest
Add 2 gallons of boiling water. Target temp 155°F.
70 minutes Starch Conversion.
Heat runoff to mash-out at 170°F
Sparge with about 10 gallons water at 170°F
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition
Ferment at 60-63°F
Keg 5 gallons, force carbonate.
Prime 5 gallons with 120 grams priming sugar for bottling

O.G. 1.052
F.G. 1.014

Brewers' Comments

This beer had a nice rich malty base with a moderate smokey flavor. Some judges thought it had too much smoke.