Tustin Monster Brew Schwarzbier

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First Place, 2009 Los Angeles County Fair

Thanks to Jon Porter for letting us invade Tusting Brewing Company

Ingredients for 4 1/2 Gallons





Heat 2 quarts water to 160°F
Steep malts for 1/2 hour at 150°F. .
Sparge with about 1 quart water at 170°F.
Boil for 10 minutes.
Cool wort and add to the bucket of Monster Brew wort. Put into lager fridge.
Pitch yeast at 60°F. Hold until fermentation begins.
Reduce temp to 52°F for 12 days.
Rack to secondary for 21 days.
Prime with 85 grams priming sugar. Bottle 2 gallons and add the remainder to a 3 gallon keg. Force carbonate.
Raise temp to 60°F for 2 days for diacetyl rest.
Then cool 2 deg/day until at 35°F for 2 months.

O.G. 1.053
F.G. 1.013

Judges' Comments

Rich melanoidin and bread crust aromas. Just a hint of roastiness. Rich Munich melanoidin character. Excellent restraint with the roasted malt. 43 points.

Brewers' Comments

This was my first attempt at making Schwarzbier and my first time using Carafa III malt. The Weyermann's website says this is the offical stuff to make Schwarzbier. With a score of 43 points, it must be!