Belgian Saison

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This beer won First Place in the 2007 Pacific Brewers Cup
First Place in the Belgian & French Ale Category.

Ingredients for 10 Gallons






Mash-in with 20 Qt of water at 142°F. Target temp 130°F.
Protein rest for 25 minutes.
Step infuse with 10 Qt boiling water and stir. Target temperature 153°F.
Mash for 1 hr.
Sparge with about 40 Qt water at 170°F.
Skim very thick creamy white hot break prior to first hop addition.
Add 1 tsp rehydrated Irish Moss at the 20 minute mark.
Rapid chill with immersion chiller.
Ferment at 70°F for 22 days.
Rack the rest into secondary for 20 days at 70 to 75°F.
Prime and bottle 4 1/2 gallons with 135 gm priming sugar. Keg and force carbonate the rest.

O.G. 1.067
F.G. 1.016
36 IBU

Judges' Comments

A dead ringer for Saison DuPont. Can't get much better than that. Could I have the recipe? (Here you go, Jim.)

Brewers' Comments

I let this fermentation go through the dog days of summer. I gave it plenty of carbonation to be consistent with the style. However. I ended up with a couple of bottle bombs as a result.