Porter VIII

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This beer won Runner-up Best of Show in the 2005 Los Angeles County Fair and First Place in the Porter Category.

Ingredients for 10 Gallons





Make 1 quart starter with 1.020 Gravity Malt Extract.
Mash in 16 Qt water with 10 grams CaCO3 at 144°F.
Target 124°F for 35 minute protein rest.
Step-infuse 13.5 Qt water at 204°F.
Target 155°F for 65 minute starch conversion.
Sparge with about 10 gallons water to collect 12½ gallons
Ferment at 64°F. 6 days primary, 8 days secondary.
Prime with 275 grams priming sugar.
Store several months at 50-60°F.

O.G. 1.054
F.G. 1.017

Judges' Comments

Brewers' Comments

This beer was based on the flavor profile of Anchor Porter, which I've alway though was a teriffic beer. Just about everything came out right on this one.