Tustin Monster Brew American Pale Ale

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First Place, 2009 Los Angeles County Fair

Thanks to Jon Porter for letting us invade Tusting Brewing Company

Ingredients for 5 Gallons





Pitch Wyeast 1272 yeast starter into bucket of cooled wort from Tustin Monster Brew.
Heat 1 quart water to boiling.
Add 3/4 oz. Mileenium pellets. Boil for 1/2 hour.
Cool to room temperature. Strain liquid into bucket of wort.
Ferment at 72°F for 14 days.
Rack to secondary. Add 1 oz Ahtanum plugs for 7 days.
Prime with 125 grams priming sugar. Bottle 2 1/4 gallons and add the remainder to a 3 gallon keg. Force carbonate.
Add Centennial hops to the keg only 2 days before the Summer Party.

O.G. 1.053
F.G. 1.012

Judges' Comments

Sweet malty aroma and resiny grassy hop aroma. Lively citrusy hop flavor. Bitterness almost enough for IPA.Barely perceptible caramel. Could use more malt. Very professional representation of the style.

Brewers' Comments

I deliberately kept the hop bitterness level in the Monster brew on the low side (23 IBUs) so that people could jack up the levels by adding hop tea as this one used. I added 27 additional IBUs for a total of 50. This had the side benefit of adding hop flavor as well. Note that the bottled version did not have the Centennial dry hop that was used in a keg for the summer party. In retrospect, I would have added the Centennial several days earlier.