Imperial Stout

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Ingredients for 3 Gallons





Steep grains with 1 1/2 Qt of water at 182°F. Target temp 167°F
Add all Dry Malt Extracts to 11 qt boiling water
Steep grains for 20 minutes. Final temp 153°F
Sparge grains with 2 qt water at 175°F. Add runnings to boiling pot
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition
Cool and pitch with Irish Ale Yeast
Primary Fermentation 7 days
Make starter for champagne yeast: 2 oz. DME in 1 pint water, 2 days
Secondary Fermentation 42 days
Prime with 75 grams priming sugar

O.G. 1.125
F.G. 1.042

Brewers' Comments

This is a whopper of a beer with an 11% alcohol content. We used champagne yeast in the secondary to dry this out. The high gravity means this beer takes quite a while to mature. We gave it three months before we even opened a bottle.