The Duvel in Miss Jones

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Ingredients for 5 Gallons, Partial Mash





Mash-in grains with 4 Qt of water at 165°F. Target temp 155°F for 30 minutes.
Strain into boiling pot with 4 gallons water
Add Dry Malt Extract, heat to boiling
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition
Add 1 tsp Irish moss at 20 minutes before end of boil
Cool with immersion chiller and strain into carboy
Forgot to add the Candi sugar and cubes, so these were boiled in a quart of water and added to the cooled wort.
Pitch yeast starter
Primary Fermentation 6 weeks at 65°F (fermented really slow)
Secondary Fermentation 7 days at 72°F
Prime with 150 grams priming sugar

O.G. 1.087
F.G. 1.012
Color: 7 SRM
Bitterness: 31 IBU

Judges Comments

Spicy, clovey flavor appropriate to style. Moderate hop flavor, dry finish. Alcohol warmth, solventy.

Brewers' Comments

This fermented very slowly and came out with a rather firey taste from higher alcohols. It mellowed with age and didn't score well until it was in the bottle for 6 months. Next time I'll try this all-grain to lighten the color, add more finishing hops for aroma, and I won't forget to add the candi sugar!