Belgian Dubbel

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Ingredients for 10 Gallons





Mash in grains with 7 gallons water at 173°F.
Target Temperature 153°F. Mash for 70 minutes.
Acidify sparge water with 10 drops of 10% H3PO4 at 170°F.
Add Candi sugar 30 minutes before end of boil.
Ferment at 64°F. (I recommend a higher temperature, say 70°F.)

O.G. 1.068
F.G. 1.012
Color: 20 SRM
Bitterness: 31 IBU

Brewers' Comments

This was my first Belgian beer. It had the nice character of Belgian yeast, but could have been a bit more pronounced. I think a bit higher temperature during fermentaiton would have helped.