Dortmunder Export

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This beer won first place in the 2005 Los Angeles County Fair.

Ingredients for 10 Gallons






This is a single decoction procedure.
Mash-in grains with 7 gallons water at 130°F. Target temp 122°F for 15 minutes.
Decoct 3 gallons. Heat on high up to 156°F. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes. Then heat to boiling for 15 minutes. Stir continuously.
Return decoction to the main mash. Temp = 146°F. Decoct another gallon to raise temperature to 155°F. Let sit for 45 minutes.
Sparge with about 10 gallons distilled water at 170°F.
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition.
Add Irish Moss with 20 minute hop addition.
Chill wort rapidly after boil.
Pitch yeast at 71°F. Put in fridge at 57°F until fermentation begins.
Reduce temp to 50°F for 19 days.
Rack to secondary and dry hop at 45°F for 6 days.
Keg 6 gallons and bottle 4 gallons with 75 gr priming sugar.
Raise temp to 67°F for 2 days for diacetyl rest.
Then cool at 2°F per day until at 35°F for 2 months.

O.G. 1.054
F.G. 1.014

Judges' Comments

Nice malt nose. Not much hop aroma. Beautiful clarity. Amazingly clean. Has the German yeast and malt finish which is hard to coax out of a beer.

Brewers' Comments

Starting out, this was supposed to be a Bohemian Pilsner. At first the hop aroma carried through. However, after some time the bitterness and hop aroma both came up a bit short. Overall, the hop-malt flavor was balanced, so I entered it as Dortmunder Export.