Traditional Dark Bock

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This beer was brewed for the March, 1999 meeting of Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club. It was way too young at that point (2 1/2 months), but went on to win "Best of Show" at the 1999 Los Angeles County Fair after 5 months of lagering.

Best of Show Trophy

Ingredients for 6 1/2 Gallons





Mash-in with 13 Qt of water at 134°F. Target temp 124°F
25 min protein rest
Add 6 1/2 Qt boiling water. Target temp 150°F
1 1/2 hr Starch Conversion. Decoct 2 qt & heat to boiling to keep temp ~151°F
Final temp 147°F
Mash-out to 170°F
Sparge with about 16 Qt water at 170°F
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition
Start fermentation at 61°F, then cool to 55°F for 20 days.
Secondary ferment, at 55°F for 22 days
Prime with 180 grams priming sugar. Keep at 65°F for 7 days
Lager at 47°F for 5 months

O.G. 1.070
F.G. 1.019

Judges' Comments

Strong and malty yet finishes fairly clean. Good mouthfeel. Very good beer -- for a dopplebock.

Brewers' Comments

This is our first attempt at lager, and also our first experience with kegging. The kegged half of the batch was quite fruity, best described as raspberry-like. The botttled portion did much better, reaching its peak after 6 months. We still feel the recipe missed the malty-sweet characteristic we were shooting for. We probably need a bigger decoction and a cooler fermentation temperature. The judges thought it was a bit light in color and a bit too strong for dark bock. Otherwise it would have scored even better. The O.G. of 1.070 is halfway between the target for Bock (1.066) and Dopplebock (1.076).