American Brown Ale

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Second Runner-up Best of Show, 2006 Los Angeles County Fair

Brewed on 3/4/2006

Recipe for 11 Gallons


14.5 lb. 3°L Marris Otter Pale Ale Malt
2.0 lb.9°L German Munich Malt
0.50 lb. 17°L English Crystal Malt
0.75 lb. 44°L English Crystal Malt
1.25 lb. 77°L English Crystal Malt
1.25 lb. 120°L American Crystal Malt
0.50 lb. 26°L Belgian Biscuit Malt
0.50 lb. 220°L Special B
0.50 lb. 350°L Chocolate Malt
0.125 lb. 525°L Black Patent
0.125 lb. 500°L Roast Barley
22.00 lb. Total pounds of grain

Hops (42 IBU):
1.25 oz. 60 min. 9.5%AA Amarillo Plugs.
0.75 oz. 60 min. 11%AA Nugget Homegrown.
2.00 oz. 15 min. 5.0%AA Cascade Homegrown.
1.25 oz. 5 min.3.5%AA Crystal.
0.75 oz. 9.5%AA Amarillo Plugs. Dryhop in secondary.

WhiteLlabs California Ale WLP 001.
Make 1 quart starter with 1.020 gravity malt extract.

Procedure (Step infusion mash):
Mash in with 18 Qt water at 144°F, target 126.7°. Hold for 30 minutes.
Step-up with 13.5 Qt water at 205°F, target 155°. Hold for 71 minutes.
Add 7 grams gypsum to 10 gal sparge water at 170°F.
Collect about 13 gallons of run-off and start boil.
Add 2 tsp Irish Moss at 20 minute mark.
Cool with immersion chiller in about 15 minutes.
Pitch yeast and ferment 67-70°F for 14 days.
Rack and dry hop for 7 days.
Bottle with 260 grams priming sugar.

O.G. 1.054
F.G. 1.014

Judges' Comments:

American hops dominate the aroma. Some caramel in the second impression. Nice blend of crystal malts. Bitterness comes through in the finish. While the hops are balanced, the malt makes its presence felt.(37 points).

Carl's Comments:

This beer got me into the second round of the AHA National Homebrew Competition in 2006. Everybody loved the malt profile. The hop flavor was great in the first round, but had faded too much by the finals to get top honors. Next time I'll store it in the lager fridge to preserve the hop aroma.