Düsseldorf Altbier

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This beer won first place in the 2011 Pacific Brewers Cup in the Düsseldorf-style Altbier category.

Ingredients for 10 1/2 Gallons



YeastUerige Coaster


Mash-in with 18 Qt of water at 139°F. Target temp 125°F
20 min protein rest
Add 10 Qt boiling water. Target mash temp 152°F
70 minute starch conversion.
Recycle about 2 gallons of vorlauf, reheated to 170°F
Sparge with about 40 Qt water at 170°F. Added 7 gm gypsum to the sparge water.
Add Perle first wort hops as the kettle heats up.
Do not skim hot break. Push back into wort along with the first wort hops.
Add Spalt pellets once the kettle is boiling.
Add 2 whirlfloc tablets 20 minutes before the end of the boil.
Rapid chill with immersion chiller.
Ferment at 62-67°F for 15 days.
Rack to secondary fermenter for 5 weeks at 62°F
Prime with 250 grams priming sugar. Hold at 65 to 70°F for 8 weeks
Refrigerate at 35°F until judging.At Uerige Brewery

O.G. 1.050
F.G. 1.008

Judges' Comments

Brewers' Comments

This beer was based on a photograh of brewing notes taken on the Sticke Warriors tour of the Uerige Brewery on Oct 22, 2006. I finally made the trip in 2010 and discovered what this beer is really supposed to taste like. I think I captured both the malt and color perfectly. The hop bitterness could have been a touch higher.