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This beer won second place in the 1997 California State Fair in the Dusseldorf-style Altbier category.

Ingredients for 6 1/2 Gallons





Mash-in with 11 Qt of water at 139°F. Target temp 132°F
17 min protein rest
Add 6 Qt boiling water. Target mash temp 152°F
1 1/2 hr Starch Conversion. Decoct 2 qt & heat to boiling to keep temp ~153°F
Mash-out to 170°F
Sparge with about 18 Qt water at 170°F
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition
Ferment at 64-68°F
Prime with 175 grams priming sugar

O.G. 1.042
F.G. 1.013

Judges' Comments

Brewers' Comments

This beer provided an interesting lessson in beer aging. In its first judging (AHA Nationals), it was considered way too hoppy for the style. By its third judging (LA County Fair), it had lost the crisp malty character that scored well in the State fair. I recommend adding a bit more Munich and Vienna malt to bring up the malt base and better balance the hops.