The Hop Trellis

Some details on the construction

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Here is the trellis they all live on. It is made from 16 foot redwood 2-by-4s. Each of the stringers can be lowered to make picking easier. The stringers are 30" apart.

Trellis photo Trellis photo Trellis photo Trellis May 30

Here is the foundation, made of 1 1/2" galvanized angle irons. They are 3 feet long and pounded about 2 feet into the ground and bolted to the vertical posts. Note the small piece of plywood on the cross-brace. This was added after the windstorm (see below.) I would add these to all of the butt joints to keep the cross-members from pulling out. The width of the trellis (outside dimension) is 3 feet. Next is the diagonal brace about 8 feet up. Another set of diagonals at the top is built in a similar manner.

I think at this point, the termites are getting to it. You might want to use pressure-treated wood. Otherwise, give it a good coat of outdoor paint.


After a thunderstorm in 2007 with wind and lightning and 1.1 inches of rain. Nothing was broken, but the posts were bent, the metal supports in the ground were pulled tilted (the ground was wet), and lots of nails were pulled loose. We pulled and prodded and propped it upright.

Finally, here is the newest member of the garden - a Columbus plant. This rhizome was planted 3 1/2 weeks ago. This guy replaces failed attempts at Kent Golding, Willamette and Liberty. The Cascade is still going strong as is the Nugget. I still have the Hallertau, but it hasn't done much lately.

Here is another shot from May 14th. I've dropped a samll string from the main riser for the plant to climb on.

Hop String