The Hop Garden

Our own unique twist to the beer we brew.

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Here are some details on the trellis

We have five plants. This is the Hallertau plant, which typically is the first to sprout.

Feb 13 Hallertau Feb 20 Hallertau Feb 26 Hallertau March 14 Hallertau March 20 Hallertau April 3 Hallertau April 12 Hallertau May 2 Hallertau May 8 Hallertau May 30 Hallertau

These photos were taken February 13th (left), through May 30th. (right) The tips are curling around, and are halfway up the climbing strings. Although this plant starts early, the yield is fairly small. We typically only get about half an ounce each year.

Willamette March 6th Willamette March 14th Willamette March 20th Willamette March 27th Willamette April 3rd Willamette April 12th Willamette April 23th Willamette May 2nd Willamette May 8th Willamette May 30th

We have two more plants, which have not produced any cones, a Willamette,

Kent Golding March 14th Kent Golding March 20th Kent Golding March 27th Kent Golding April 3rd Kent Golding April 12th Kent Golding April 23th Kent Golding May 2nd Kent Golding May 8th Kent Golding May 30th

and a Kent Golding. The sprouts looked fat and happy earlier in the season, but lately have stopped growing. The leaves are starting to get yellow, probably from too much damp weather. Both of these plants were put in big clay pots to avoid root competition from the other plants.

April 3rd Cascade April 12th Cascade April 23th Cascade May 2nd Cascade May 8th Cascade May 16th Cascade May 16th Cascade May 30th Cascade May 30th Cascade June 21st Cascade

Getting a slow start this year was the Cascade. It is now taking off and is starting to branch out. It produces a flowery hop with an alpha level about 5%. The yield is always good. We use it as flavoring in American-style beers.

April 12th Nugget April 23rd Nugget May 8th Nugget Tip of Nugget May 16 Nugget May 16 Nugget May 30 Nugget May 30 Nugget June 12 Nugget June 21 Nugget June 21 Nugget

The most prolific, and last to sprout, is the Nugget. It is a high alpha variety, which we estimate at 11%. It forms the bittering basis of most of our brews. Don't let the slow start fool you. In a week or two this plant will be towering above the others. Whoops, there it goes now, branching out and starting to form cones! This guy doesn't really know when to quit. We always get at least a pound per year off this guy.

Finally, here is the trellis they all live on. It is made from 16 foot redwood 2-by-4s. Each of the stringers can be lowered to make picking easier.
And here are some new pics from April 2010.

Trellis photo Trellis photo Trellis photo Trellis May 30