Harvest Time

All that weeding actually paid off!

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Cascade and Nugget Harvest, on 7/17 and 7/24/99

Trellis with Cascades Trellis with Nuggets Here is the trellis with the cascade and nugget plants looking fat and happy.

Lower the boom lowered vines First we lower the boom, to get the cones down to human level.

unwrap the vines unwrap the vines Then it's a simple matter to unwind the vines from the stringers.

Collect the vines Collect the vines Then we collect up the chopped vines in a big plastic bag.

High quality cones High quality cones These will make good beer.

High quality cones So will these.

Hop picker I can almost taste it now.

Grab the knife Now, where's my knife?

After harvest After the cone-bearing vines have been chopped off, haul the rest back up.

The remaining stems will send juices back down into the rhizomes for next year.

Cascade cones Enough for a whole year of brewing.