2008 BJCP Class Material

Table of Contents

Basic Reading

1. BJCP Exam Study Guide (1998, Revised in February 2010)

2. BJCP Guide to Beer Styles (2008, Brand New Verison)

3. BJCP Scoresheet

Judge Procedures Manual

Check also the BJCP Study page at http://www.bjcp.org/study.html

Exam Strategy

4. Jim Wilson, BJCP Exam Strategy

5. Gordon Strong, Mastering the BJCP Exam

Al Boyce - "The BJCP Exam for Dummies" (Hardcopies will be distributed at a later date.)

6. BJCP Judge Instructions

7. Past exams (1/05 LA, 9/04 Hartford)

E01 Maltose Falcons, Judging Information

Michael D. Santos, Ph.D Memory Tricks

Jim Loy Memorization


Tasting Nomenclature

Sample Scoresheets Well-written examples

Faults and Troubleshooting

8. George Fix, Diacetyl: Formation, Reduction and Control, Brewing Techniques

9. George Fix, Fusel Alcohols, Zymurgy Fall 1993

10. Charlie Papazian, Troubleshooter's Chart, Zymurgy Special 1887


11. David Cordrey, Hops and Hop Varieties

12. Glenn Tinseth, The Essential Oils of Hops, Brewing Techniques 1/94

Malts and Adjuncts

13. Ray Daniels, Malting and Mashing, Zymurgy Special 1995

14 Beer Color Demystified, Brewing Techniques 11/95

15. Randy Mosher, A Taste for Color, Zymurgy 9/03

16. Kelly Kuehl, Malt Analysis, BYO 12/02

E02. Gary Bauer, The Influence of Raw Materials, Zymurgy Special 1985

E03. Neil Gudmestad, Malt, Zymurgy Special 1995

E04. Peter Blum, Malt Wisdom, Zymurgy 1/01

E05. Tom Flores, Kilning Unlocks Malt Flavor, BYO 9/95

E06. John Nalesklewicz, A Lighter Shade of Pale, BYO, 12/95

Mash & Sparge

17. Mark Sedam, Mashing Basics, Zymurgy 3/02

18. Randy Whisler, A Practical Guide to Lautering, BYO 3/98

E07. John Oliver, The Best Mash Program, BYO 10/99

Saccharomyces and the Two Enzymes

Recipe formulation

19. Brian Smithy, Formulating a Beer Recipe

20. Martin Manning, Recipe Formulation, Brewing Techniques 1/04

E08. Jeff Frane, Create Your Own Recipe, BYO 1/96


21. Pilsner Urquell (Bohemian Pilsner), Peter Ensminger, Brewing Techniques 5/97

22. Oktoberfest, Brad Kraus, Zymurgy F/95

23. Weizen, Horst Dornbusch, Zymurgy 5/02

E09. Weizen, John Ostrom, Brewing Techniques 3/96

24. Stout, Roger Bergen, Brewing Techniques 8/93

E10. Stout, Greg Kitsock, Zymurgy 1/98

25. Koelsch, Forrest Williams, The Queen of Koln, Brewing Techniques 1/98

26. Alt, Norm Hardy, Brewing Techniques 1/95,

E11. Alt, Roger Deschner, Regal Altbier, Zymurgy Winter 1994

27. Lambic, Martin Lodahl, Belgium's Unique Treasure, Brewing Techniques 7/95

28. California Common, Roger Bergen, California Steaming, Brewing Techniques 1/94

29. Scotch Ale, Paul Zocco, Great Scot, BYO, 12/01

30. Berliner Weisse, Jeff Sparrow, Going Sour on German Beer, Zymurgy 7/01

E12. Berliner Weisse, Dennis Davison, Inside Berlin's Own Beer, Zymurgy Winter/96

31. Classic Rauchbier, Tim Dawson, Smoky Beer, Brewing Techniques 5/96

Roger Protz Pale Ale


32. Homebrewer's Guide to Flavors, Zymurgy, Special 1987

33. Training Ourselves in Flavor Perception, Beer and Brewing, 1986, p15

34. Flavor Wheel, ASBC Journal and the web

35. Beer Flavor Log

36. Flavors in Beer

37. John Oliver, Practice with Your Palate, BYO 3/00

E13. Origins of Normal and Abnormal Flavor, Beer and Brewing, Evaluating Beer p91

E14. Beer Evaluation Techniques, Beer and Brewing, Evaluating Beer p165

E15. Papazian/Noonan, Beer Aroma Recognition Guidelines

E16. Sulfur Flavors in Beer, Zymurgy, Fall 1992

Gordon Strong Be your own Best Critic

Jim Wilson Tasting Lexicon

Water & Boil

38. Karl King, Water Treatment, Brewing Techniques 9/93

39. Mark Sedam, Engineering the Perfect Pint, Brewing Techniques 7/98

40. Ginger Wotring, Why Water Matters Zymurgy, Special 1995

E17.Nico Freccia, Unlock the Secret of Water, BYO, 5/96

Mike Lewandowski and Mike Wallace Water Chemistry. Why Bother?

Dave Line Water

Yeast & Fermentation

41. Al Korzonas, Liquid Yeast Characteristics, Zymurgy Summer 1998

42. Patrick Weix, Become Saccharomyces Savvy, Zymurgy Summer 1994

E18. David Cordrey Yeast Notes

Sean Terrill Yeast Pitching Rate Results