Class #4

Homework Review



Yeast and Fermentation

Lager Yeasts

Ale Yeasts

Belgian Yeast

Lambic Yeast & Bacteria

Style Tasting

16. Belgian & French Ale

A. Witbier -- Hoegaarden Wit
B. Belgian Pale Ale -- De Koninck
C. Saison -- Saison DuPont
D. Biere de Garde -- La Choulette Biere des Sans Culottes
E. Belgian Specialty Ale -- Orval

17. Sour Ale

A. Berlinner Weisse -- Berliner Kindl Weisse
B. Flanders Red Ale -- Rodenbach Klassiek
C. Flanders Brown/Oud -- Liefman's Oud Bruin
D. Straight Lambic-style Ale -- Cantillion Grand Cru Bruocsella
E. Gueuze-style Ale-- Hanssen's Gueuze
F. Fruit Lambic-style Ale -- Cantillon Kriek

18. Strong Belgian Ale

A. Belgian Blond Ale -- Affligem Blond
B. Belgian Dubbel -- La Trappe Dubbel
C. Belgian Tripel -- Westmalle Tripel
D. Belgian Strong Golden Ale -- Duvel
E. Belgian Stong Dark Ale -- Chimay Grand Reserve


T11. What are the technical names for ale and lager yeast? How do they differ in the brewing process and in the flavor imparted to the beer?

S11. Describe and differentiate three distinct Belgian beer styles and give commercial examples of each style.