Class #3

Homework Review

Bitter vs. Scottish

Wort Production

Mashing Techniques
Enzyme Action

Style Tasting


15. Wheat Beer

A.Weizen/Weissbier -- Paulaner Hefeweizen
B. Dunkelweizen -- Schneider Dunkel Weisse
C. Weizenbock -- Schneider Aventinus Erdinger Pinkantus

4 . Dark Lager

A. Dark American Lager
B. Munich Dunkel Ayinger Dunkel
C. Schwarzbier Kloster Schwarzbier

5. Bock

A. Helles Bock/Maibock -- Ayinger Maibock
B. Traditional Bock --Einbecker Ur-bock
C. Doppelbock -- Ayinger Celebrator
D. Eisbock -- Kulmbacher Reichelbräu Eisbock

7. Amber Hybrid Beer

A. Northern German Altbier -- Alaskan Amber
B. California Common -- Anchor Steam
C. Düsseldorf Altbier -- Zum Uerige


T19. Explain what happens during the mashing process. Discuss three different mashing techniques and the recommended usage and the advantages and disadvantages of each

S8. Identify, describe and differentiate the lager members of the Bock family. Give commercial examples of each style.