Class 2

Homework Review

German Lager

Use of Hops

Bittering and IBU calculation
Preserving Aspect

Style Tasting

8.      English Pale Ale

A.     Ordinary Bitter -- Boddington's Pub Draught
B.     Special/Best/Premium Bitter -- Fuller's London Pride
C.     Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) -- Fuller's ESB, Bass Ale

9.      Scottish ind Irish Ales

A. Scottish Light 60/- -- Belhaven 60/-
B. Scottish Heavy 70/- -- Belhaven 70/-
C. Scottish Export 80/- McEwen's
D. Irish Red Ale -- Kilkenny Irish Red
E. Strong Scottish Ale -- Orkney Skull Splitter

10.      American Pale Ales

A. American Pale Ale -- Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
B. American Amber Ale -- Anderson Valley Boont Amber
C. American Brown Ale -- Downtown Brown

11. English Brown Ale

A. Mild ??
B. Northern English Brown Ale -- Newcastle
C. Southern English Brown Ale -- Oregon Nut Brown Ale

14.      India Pale Ale

A. English IPA-- Fuller's IPA,
B. American IPA -- Anderson Valley Hop Ottin
C. Imperial IPA -- Stone Double Bastard


T7. What are hops and how are their active ingredients extracted by the brewer? Discuss the differences between the various varieties and the styles with which they are normally associated.
S12. Describe and compare the subcategories of British Bitters and Scottish Ales. Give commercial examples of each.