Suggested Reading

BJCP Exam Study Guide( MS Word Document, 328k)

BJCP Guide to Beer Styles (2004 Version, PDF file, 686K)

BJCP Style Chart (2004)

BJCP Scoresheet

Mastering the BJCP Exam
(PDF) The best primer on the exam I've seen, by Gordon Strong

Ask the Brewmaster
A series of articles on styles, techniques and other brewing trivia

A Homebrewer's Guide to Beer Flavor Descriptions --Zymurgy Special Issue, 1987

Training Ourselves in Flavor Perception --Beer and Brewing

Beer Evaluation Techniques --Beer and Brewing

The Sensory Aspects of Zymurlogical Evaluation --Zymurgy Winter 1992

Beer Flavor Terminology --Am. Soc. Brewing Chemists

Testing Yourself --Zymurgy Spring 1986

Tasting Techniques --Zymurgy Special Issue, 1987

The Language of Flavor Communication --Beer and Brewing

Judging Information -- Maltose Falcons

(untitled) Judging Procedure

Judge Instructions --BJCP

Sample Exam Questions --BJCP

Guidelines for Doctoring Beers 1 ?

Beer From Water --Zymurgy Winter, 1991

Water: Its Effect on Hop Bitterness and Beer Flavor --Beer and Brewing

The Influence of Raw Material on the Production of All-Grain Beer --Zymurgy Special Issue, 1985

Beer Troubleshooting Guide --Ron Cooper

Origins of Normal and Abnormal Flavor --Beer and Brewing

Fusel Alcohols --Zymurgy Fall,1993

Beer Aroma Recognition Guidelines--Papazian/Noonan

Flavor Wheel --ASBC Journal

Sulfur Flavors in Beer--Zymurgy Fall,1992

Basic Organic Chemistry for Brewers --Zymurgy Spring, 1993

Bitterness Terminology vs IBU/FG --Ron Cooper

The Influences on Beermaking --Best of Beer and Brewing

References to Beer Style Articles --Zymurgy Special Issue,1991

California Steaming --Brewing Techniques

India Pale Ale, Part 1 --Brewing Techniques

India Pale Ale, Part 2 --Brewing Techniques

Hops --David Cordrey

The Essential Oils of Hops --Brewing Techniques

Hop Varieties Yeast Notes --David Cordrey

Diacetyl: Formation, Reduction and Control -- Brewing Techniques

Liquid Yeast Characteristics --Zymurgy 1998

History of Wheat Beers --Ray Daniels

Book List - German Wheat Beer -- AHA

American Wheat Beers -- Brewing Techniques

The Queen of Koln --Brewing Techniques

Alt -- Gregg Smith

Witbier -- Brewing Techniques

Belgian Trappists and Abbey Beers -- Brewing Techniques

Inside Orval -- Brewing Techniques

Lambic: Belgium's Unique Treasure --Brewing Techniques