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Think you can tell a good beer from a bad beer? If so, how about formalizing your credentials by becoming an offical beer judge?

Periodically, some of the local homebrew clubs host an exam for the Beer Judge Certification Program. Jim Wilson of Strand Brewer's Club and Carl Townsend of Pacific Gravity periodically host a set of preparation classes for the exam. Some of the topics covered include use of the official score sheet, definitions of beer styles, flavor contributions of various ingredients, brewing techniques, and identification of brewing defects. We'll sample a variety of beer styles, including styles you've never tried before.

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Classes run from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM on the Sundays below at South Bay Brewing Supply, Torrance. New Strand Logo

Session #

Class 1 September 25, 2011 Class Notes

Class 2 October 9, 2011

Class 3 October 23, 2011

Class 4 November 6, 2011 Water Hardness Example

Class 5 November 20, 2011

Class 6 December 4, 2011

Class 7 December 18, 2011

Class 8 January 8, 2012

Exam January 28, 2012

Class Outline

Class Organization

Each class will consist of three parts


Cost for the class will be $50.
Cost for the exam will be $50 and includes membership in BJCP.
If you are already a BJCP member and are re-taking the exam, the cost is $30, or $15 for a partial retake.